S.No. Name of Tax & Fees Imposed Rate of Tax / Fees
1. House Tax @ 12.5%
2. Water Tax Nil
3. Conservancy Tax Nil
4. Show Tax Nil
5. Dog Tax Rs. 50/- per year
6. Tax on consumption of electricity 1 paisa per unit
7. Building application fees Rs. 2.50/psm Domastic Rs.5 Commercial
8. Servant Tax Nil
9. Licence Fee for Job Porters Nil
10. Trade Licence Fees Nil
11. Copying Fee Rs.25/,50,/100
12. Tehbazari Fees 20 Rs. per day
13. Slaughter House Fees Rs. 10/- per animal
14. Tax on advertisement of signboards Rs. 300/- psm pa
15. Sale of Liquour Rs. 1/- per bottle
16. Birth Certificate Fees Rs.100/- per copy And Rs. 20/- per copy from BPL families.
17. Death certificate Fees Rs.50/- per copy and Rs. 20/- per copy from BPL families.
18. Rashan Card fees Rs.50/- Genral and Rs.25 BPL
19. NOC water connection Rs.100/- Per NOC
20. Electricity NOC Connection Rs.100/- Per NOC
21. Creacker's licence Fee Collection Decided By MC at the time
22. Donetion For Sanitation Rs.20/- per day From fruit&Vegitable Radi Holders only in NH
23. Tree Falling sanitation Charges Rs.10/- per tree